Why donating with us?

Since IUF is not as big as well-known international charity funds, we are faster than they are and more precise. Our century is known as one of the fastest-growing centuries in all aspects of our lives. Time is the most valuable asset nowadays. That being said, the Independent Ukrainian Fund can help those in need in the shortest possible way.

How do we work?

IUF's main task is to raise money and distribute it to those in need. Our fund cooperates only with trusted partners that can provide us with transparent information and all proofs of help delivered (e.g., photos, checks, the contact information of final recipients, etc.). One of the great examples of such a trusted partner is Maple Hope Foundation: founded in 2014, it is a registered Canadian Non-for-Profit Organization raising funds to support Ukraine as they resist Russia’s unprovoked invasion.


bleedstop powder pouches purchased

30 cargo bags

of humanitarin aid send to Ukraine

$50 000

medical equipment bought

The team

Meet our leaders

The ones who care

Igor Fedulov
Igor Fedulov


Igor has built a reputation as a tech industry innovator, both on the technical and business fronts alike. In a career spanning over 20 years, Igor has balanced his technical roots and executive acumen with top-level involvement in high-profile projects for such brands as Outlook Technologies, Orbitz, Aggregate Knowledge (now Neustar), etc.

Vadim Chernega
Vadim Chernega


Vadim is a digital industry veteran with over 20 years of experience under his belt. Part of that experience was spent in maritime business, where he traveled around the world leading the construction of world-class software systems at international locales.

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