UKRAINE together

Who We Are

To be able to help Ukraine in these unprecedented times, a vast team of volunteers of different backgrounds gathered as a charity organization Independent Ukrainian Fund™ (IUF), with the one main goal: to help Ukraine survive in this unequal struggle.

Our volunteer team is all Ukrainians by origin. However, we are all Canadians or Americans at the same time. We were born in Ukraine, but many of us were brought up in the USA or Canada. Thus, we share main American values and honestly believe in empathy, trust, respect, willingness to work hard, be there for each other, and search for equality and justice. As a result, our Independent Ukrainian Fund™ (IUF) and cooperative approach with all stakeholders is built on the abovementioned values.

Our Mission

Our charitable mission is to fund projects directed to help the Ukrainian people to defend, rebuild, develop and prosper.

Our Activities

Defend the freedom: primary focus on supporting Ukraine now.


Rebuild the country: the goal is to rehabilitate critical infrastructures such as roads, schools, and hospitals.


Develop new Ukraine: support in the Ukrainian economy's educational, scientific, or research sectors.


Strong and Peaceful Ukraine


Our Values


We help those in need in the best possible way


IUF collaborates only with other funds with a proven history and background check


We provide official reports for all spending we do

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Each even small donation make the big difference to the whole community

Our Partners

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